Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For Supply Teaching Jobs Oxford

Posted on June 20, 2013 at 8:14 am

Supply teaching jobs Oxford are ideal for new teachers who have just finished their training and are ready to have their own classroom, but they are not willing to commit to a role as a full time teacher. Supply teaching can prove to be really helpful for new teachers to get a teaching career started in Oxford. Nonetheless, being prepared and being aware of what they are letting themselves in for is still better.

Panicking and applying to as many schools as they can is the first thing that should be avoided by anyone who wishes to become a supply teacher in Oxford. Keeping all those schools  informed of their availability will turn into a complete nightmare for them and it less likely that they will actually find more supply teaching jobs Oxford. It must also be kept in mind that a particular role that might suit the needs of a new teacher may be advertised by many schools  but that vacancy may as well have gone by the time the teacher applies to a school. Both these mistakes should be avoided as they can a lot of unnecessary confusion and stress. Only two or three schools should be chosen, while those that are not suitable should be dropped and another one should probably be chosen.

Another thing that new teachers should keep in mind is that there is no guarantee that they may find a good school through personal recommendation, thought it may work. Looking for schools near where they live is a good way of deciding which one to choose. Being able to drive is not necessary for a supply teacher but it can certainly be helpful. Not being able to drive can limit the amount of work that can be done by a supply teacher. Their either need to book transportation the night before or they have no choice but to work schools near where they live.

For new teachers, supply teaching jobs Oxford are an ideal way of gaining experience. Although different teachers have their own different behaviour management techniques, however, during a supply contract, trying and not changing a lot of things is important. Perhaps, when they are not on a longer term contract, then it may be a good time to introduce their own behaviour strategies. Individual behaviour strategies may also be applied by supply teachers when they have to teach quite a challenging class and show them who is boss.

Supply teaching jobs in Oxford can really be quite excellent. A lot can be learned during supply teaching and a lot of practical experience can be gained by a teacher. However, being prepared and having the right attitude towards supply teaching is necessary. Thinking of supply teaching as a second best option just because a permanent teaching job could not be secured is not the right attitude and can lead a supply teacher to despising their experience. Supply teaching can be a fun experience if teachers keep the above things in mind when looking for supply teaching jobs Oxford.

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Interview Techniques!

Posted on June 14, 2013 at 2:38 pm

Job interviewing can be nerve cracking. One may feel a whole lot uncomfortable selling the or herself and even answering questions that are not expected. A component from this, the thought of meeting and impressing people you’ve got never interacted with before is sufficient to trigger a lot of anxiety. However while using the right tips and techniques forces you to a master in presenting you to ultimately potential employers in the course of interviews.
There are several interview techniques which will help one sell her or his skills comfortably in the course of interviews. Some of these tips include; interview for numerous jobs as is possible. By doing this kind of, it strengthens your job search network, gives you bravery for another interview in addition to leading you to be able to unexpected job prospects.
Other interview tactics includes; developing any compelling story, tailoring your story to the job, managing pressure, being physically along with psychologically prepared, anticipating questions that are likely to be asked, ask questions during interview plus build your emotional intelligence.

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