Preparing for a Video-call Job interview

Posted on November 30, 2013 at 7:00 pm

We’re all aware of just how far technology has come, and perhaps it’s no surprise that many job interviews are conducted not just over the phone, but in video form. The average period of notice a person must give to terminate their contract with an employer is usually one month, and finding the time to go on an interview when you’re at work can be extremely difficult.

This is perhaps a reason (along with the technology improvements) as to why there has been an increase in video calls for job interviews, and they can actually be quite odd and there are ways to prepare.

Treat it just like you would a typical interview; make sure you are dressed appropriately (not in your dressing gown), have neat hair, a portfolio by your side, your CV in front of you and perhaps even a list of questions to ask the potential employer.

Video calls can obviously be arranged out of work hours, and you’re likely to be sitting in your own home, meaning the background is just as important as your own formal appearance. Sit in front of a plain white wall, and then the emphasis is on you, rather than having your mum cooking dinner in the background or a TV playing.

Your home should be quiet, and you should tell people you need to be left alone. If you have a video call interview coming up treat it as a normal interview, and dress for the occasion, it could be the most important call of your life.

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Undertaking Work Experience Abroad

Posted on November 29, 2013 at 2:14 pm

Today work experience is a must before getting the paid job you desire, and some people may find that there are limited opportunities here in the UK. Take teaching as an example, even with a degree, and all of the relevant qualifications you’re not guaranteed a work experience placement.

This can obviously become frustrating over time, and the same can be said for many career choices. Looking elsewhere for that ‘essential’ experience is beneficial, and there are possibilities out there – and your expenses and travel will usually be paid for.

Work experience can actually be rather odd. You’re told that you require so much experience to be qualified for the position you desire, but not many people want to provide you with that experience. We understand your frustrations, and if you desire a job and you’re becoming tired of waiting, then do look for possibilities abroad.

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