Looking for a change in career?

Posted on April 10, 2017 at 7:43 am

There may come a time during your employment that you decide that it’s time to have a career change. There are many reasons for people deciding to have a career change; sometimes it’s due to wanting a job with different hours or that they can earn more money or it may be that you feel you get no satisfaction out of your current position. For some, this is very risky and it may mean giving up a job to go in to the unknown. You may even to have to return to some sort of education to train for a new career. If this is the case it then you will have to check how this will impact you in terms of your financial situation and check that you can still afford to support yourself. If you are going back in to education, not only may you have to fund the cost of the course yourself but you may not have enough time to still work and train or possibly have to substantially reduce your hours. This can have a massive effect on the household income and often is enough to put many people off. If you can cope with this and know it is only going to be short term then you may decide that its worth the stress because you will be better off in the long run.



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