Where to get help when looking for employment

Posted on August 18, 2019 at 1:31 pm

Finding a job can be quite a stressful task and you may worry about how and where you start your job application process. If you are in need of work quickly, then you will want to apply for as many job vacancies as possible to give yourself the best chance of landing employment. This will often meaning spending a bit of time searching every few days and filling in application forms or sending off your CV and covering letters.

People that have been made redundant, had to leave a job due to relocation or have been off work for a while and need to return often need help in finding a vacancy that they are suited to. If you are have been out of work for a while, never worked or not had to go through the recruitment process for a long time you may struggle to know how to put your CV together or how to complete application forms. Making errors on your CV or application form can cost you an interview, so it is imperative that you get it right.

With high competition for jobs you will need to ensure that your CV and covering letters are the best that they can be to compete against other candidates. Experience and qualifications are often the main thing an employer looks for when they make their choice as to who they should invite I for an interview.  If you are not as qualified as others, you can still land a job, it just mean that you may have to persuade the employer a little more and this may be done through your covering letter.

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