Is a job share as a teacher worth considering?

Posted on December 14, 2020 at 8:22 am

For some teachers who wish to reduce the hours they are working to get a better work life balance, considering taking on a job share role may be a possibility. It is often a particularly good way to still enjoy the benefits and rewards of working in school whilst also releasing time to do other things or spend more time with family. It is thought that pupils also benefit from being in a class that has two teachers working together as they may each bring a different set of skills and experience to the classroom.

When taking on a job share role the first consideration is how the work is going to be divided up. Is it going to be a fifty-fifty split or is one employee going to do more than another? Obviously, this will result in a difference in pay and will be directly proportional to the hours or days worked.

Secondly, curriculum subject responsibility needs to be decided. Most job shares work best when a teacher’s strengths are utilised so that, for example a teacher who enjoys and is good at art leads that subject and a teacher whose strengths lie in science takes responsibility for planning the science curriculum. This approach is going to be of benefit to the pupils in the class as they are getting double the teaching expertise and of benefit to the teachers as they share the workload.

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