Do you have imposter syndrome at your new job?

Posted on June 16, 2022 at 3:40 pm

When you start a new job it’s totally normal to feel out of your depth in the first few weeks. Some people call this ‘imposter syndrome’ as you may feel like you don’t belong. It always takes time to adjust both in your new environment and in your new role so it’s important to give yourself time.

When you start a new role it’s best to try to shadow someone else and take lots of notes about the procedures you’ll be doing. This will make you look enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and when your unsure get someone to check your work for you.

Most of us feel a bit overwhelmed with taking on all the pressure a new job presents but if you take it in your stride, you will find that you find your feet in no time.

If you are finding things difficult after the first couple of months have passed then you may want to discuss things with your manager to see if the role is really the right one for you, but more often than not it just takes time to settle in. You have to believe you can do it and give it all you’ve got.

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Making the most of your work commute

Posted on April 27, 2022 at 10:00 pm

For many of us we have gotten used to the new normal of working from home every day, however, with many offices now re-opening the dreaded work commute is looming over us.

The average person in the UK spends up to 60 minutes commuting daily so how can we really make the most of this time. If you travel by train, you may decide to start doing bits of work once onboard, like prepping for the day ahead or checking through emails. However, this isn’t possible if you drive to work. Instead, you may want to use this time to relax and mentally prep for the day ahead. You may want to have a coffee to drink during your journey and play some of your favourite music or listen to an interesting podcast.

It’s not advisable to take phone calls during your commute, even if you have a hands-free setup, as it can be very distracting and mean that you aren’t giving your full focus to the road.    

Joining a car-pool group can be nice to as by sharing the commute to work you can add a bit more of a social interaction to your day.  Getting stressed out with your commute will only make you have a bad day so take a deep breath, try to relax and enjoy the time-out a daily commute gives you.

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Successful home working in 3 easy steps

Posted on March 26, 2022 at 8:33 pm

Many people are still working from home currently as the benefits of reduced travel costs to the employee and the need for less office space for the company make it a good thing all round. If you are working from home it is important to organise your workspace and time so that you can be as efficient as possible.

Separating your workspace from your living space is the first step to take. Even if it is just a desk in a corner of the living room where anything to do with work is kept. This will help you to switch off from work when you move away from that area. Some people have been very inventive and have used under the stair’s spaces for a desk and others have built a shed or summer house in the garden to use.

The next thing to consider is giving yourself a timetable to work to so that it gives your day some structure. Starting work promptly in the morning and having a definite finish time will help you to work more efficiently knowing that you have a certain time in which to complete particular tasks.

Finally, it is essential that you stop for a lunch break each day and possibly go for a short walk or just sit outside for half an hour. It is tempting to just work straight through the day but health wise it is important to eat and drink regularly to keep blood sugar levels constant and to enable you to carry out tasks well.

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Ways to get ahead in your preferred career

Posted on February 28, 2022 at 8:29 am

Getting on in a career can be challenging especially if you are in experienced so what are the best ways to move forward along your chosen career path?

Transferable skills such as communication and organisation rather than specific qualifications seem to be in demand at the moment which is a bonus for those wanting to work in a particular field who do not have the qualifications normally associated with that role. Making sure that these transferable skills are exemplified in your application form is essential to getting that promotion or new role. Networking with others in the same field can open up huge possibilities for future prospects with social media making this ever easier.

Learning whilst earning is a popular way to get ahead as it removes the financial limitations suffered by some candidates. Apprenticeship schemes are an ideal way of doing this and can often lead to an offer of employment at the end of the course.

Being flexible is an essential factor when looking for employment and as more and more people are finding that working from home has advantages, both financial and social, the ability to be able to work in this way and still be productive is much sought after by employers.

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Would you go in to teaching?

Posted on December 18, 2021 at 3:48 pm

Teachers have been amazing throughout this pandemic. When most people were sent to work from home, they had to continue going in to school to teach keyworker students. They also may have had to teacher children that were being home schooled as well as having to make plans for their own children. Not many teachers were given any extra pay or incentives to do this, they just had to accept that it was part fo their job. A job that is already very stressful became even more stressful over night and many schools were simply not set up for this way of working.

Teachers are needed more than ever at the moment and the government are even hinting about asking some retired teachers to come back, so is teaching a good career to get in to? Teaching can be extremely rewarding and there are some really great perks but it is also very often high pressured, long hours and sometimes very challenging. If you like a challenge and do not mind putting in extra hours after the school day then teaching may be the perfect career for you. If you like to have a job that you can completely walk away from when your day finishes then it may not be the right choice.

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Are you looking for a temporary job?

Posted on November 2, 2021 at 7:19 pm

If you are looking for a temporary job or just need to find any work fast, then now may be the perfect time. During the run up to Christmas many retailers start to take on extra staff to cope with the increased number of customers that come through their doors. Often these placements become available around October time and may last until January. Some of these positions will only be temporary but often they can lead to a more permanent position.

If you are looking for a permanent position, then you may decide to take a temporary one to start with. This doesn’t mean you cannot continue to look for a permanent placement in the meantime. It is always worth asking if there may be the opportunity of a permanent placement in the near future as even if they do not have anything available immediately, they may be happy to put you on a list and contact you should something come up that they feel you may be suited to. This is why it is important to prove yourself and give it your all even in a temporary job as you never know where it may lead in the future.

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How to stay motivated when job hunting

Posted on October 16, 2021 at 11:30 am

Being able to keep yourself motivated when looking for work is something that is important but very often hard to do. If you have been on the search for a job for some time now, you may start to feel like giving up and that the search is pointless. It may eb that you have no choice but to work so although you may feel like giving in, it is simply not an option.

There are many websites out there dedicated to helping people find jobs. They may sometimes have the same job advertisements, where the recruiter has posted to various sites, but many will only be available through one site. It’s therefore worth checking them all every day. If you are applying ofr lots of different vacancies then you may start to struggle to stay on top of them all. To help you manage which jobs you have applied for, why not create a spreadsheet to add the details on to. You can make a list of the websites that you wish to check for the job post then below list all the jobs you have applied for, the date you applied and if you have sent them your CV. You can also update this if you get invited to job interviews etc.  

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Should I continue working from home?

Posted on August 31, 2021 at 3:04 pm

During the height of the pandemic many people were faced with the prospect of working from home and lots of employees embraced this and actually preferred this way of working rather than going back to the daily commute into the office. Thanks to the internet this is now a possibility for many people but is it as good as it seems?

Working from home may sound like a good idea but you will need to be disciplined as there will be lots of distractions to contend with such as family restrictions, household tasks to be done and tea and coffee readily available for numerous breaks throughout the day. Being a successful home worker means being highly self-motivated, especially if you’re working freelance.

However, as you are in direct control of the work you take on and which hours you work this can fit in better with other responsibilities you may have such as taking and collecting children from school.

If you find self- motivation an issue then an employed role may be a better option for you.

Working from home may involve taking telephone calls which can be difficult if there are young children in the background so it is better if there is a room or area that can be used for this purpose.

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Make that interview count

Posted on June 15, 2021 at 1:10 pm

Getting an interview for a job that you have applied for is a massive achievement and so it is essential that you give yourself the best possible chance of being successful and being offered the job you want. Obviously being punctual and smartly dressed when attending the interview is essential but being prepared before the interview will not only enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome but will also give you more confidence to answer questions that are posed and ask questions relevant to the role.

Carrying out research about the company and the role you are hoping to get is certainly worthwhile and should include finding out how long the company has been in business for, what their main products and services are and which skills they are asking potential employees to have.

Consider beforehand the elements of your CV which convey your strengths and skills. The STAR method is a useful strategy to use that is: Situation you had to deal with, Task you were given to do, Action you took and Result what happened as a result of the action you took and what you learned from the experience.

A good idea when preparing for an interview is to ask a trusted friend to help you by posing questions you may be required to answer. They may also be willing to be an audience for any presentations you need to practise giving feedback on ways to improve.

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Is being a foster carer a job or a vocation?

Posted on May 31, 2021 at 10:32 pm

There is a national shortage of foster carers across the UK which means that many children are living in surroundings that keep them safe and well but do not offer the family environment that is crucial to their wellbeing.

Foster carers are paid a generous fostering allowance, and get tax concessions for looking after each child, with higher allowances for looking after the most challenging of children, but it is a job like no other. It is difficult for carers to be wholly reliant on the income from fostering, because it is only when you have a child or young person in placement that you will be paid. This might need some planning on your part to make sure you can manage any periods when you do not have a child placed with you.

Being a foster carer is most definitely not simply about the income it may bring. People who start the fostering journey with this belief or attitude are unlikely to get through the assessment process. Good foster parents have to be able to adopt a parenting style that mixes boundaries with warmth, flexibility and in some cases having a thick skin. Fostering places an emphasis on relationships, and on problem solving, with an expectation that fostering families commit to building a positive relationship with the child they look after so in this regard fostering definitely qualifies for the title of a vocation.

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