Cold calling when looking for a job

Posted on June 30, 2014 at 1:00 pm

With the likes of recruitment agencies, online jobs boards and social media, it is quite easy to find places to search for jobs. But you should notĀ forget the old-fashioned ways of searching for a position. Cold calling a company for a job is less likely to return you results, but it may just be that you happen to call at the right time or that you have asked them to keep your details on file and something has become available. If you know there is a particular company for which you would like to work, then it can do no harm to pop in or give them a call. Have ready an up to date copy of your CV and contact details, and if they do not have anything at present ask them if they would be able to contact you if a position does become available. Explain to them how you really wish to work for their company and would gladly attend an interview or chat if they wish you to do so.

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