Successful home working in 3 easy steps

Posted on March 26, 2022 at 8:33 pm

Many people are still working from home currently as the benefits of reduced travel costs to the employee and the need for less office space for the company make it a good thing all round. If you are working from home it is important to organise your workspace and time so that you can be as efficient as possible.

Separating your workspace from your living space is the first step to take. Even if it is just a desk in a corner of the living room where anything to do with work is kept. This will help you to switch off from work when you move away from that area. Some people have been very inventive and have used under the stair’s spaces for a desk and others have built a shed or summer house in the garden to use.

The next thing to consider is giving yourself a timetable to work to so that it gives your day some structure. Starting work promptly in the morning and having a definite finish time will help you to work more efficiently knowing that you have a certain time in which to complete particular tasks.

Finally, it is essential that you stop for a lunch break each day and possibly go for a short walk or just sit outside for half an hour. It is tempting to just work straight through the day but health wise it is important to eat and drink regularly to keep blood sugar levels constant and to enable you to carry out tasks well.

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