Ways to get ahead in your preferred career

Posted on February 28, 2022 at 8:29 am

Getting on in a career can be challenging especially if you are in experienced so what are the best ways to move forward along your chosen career path?

Transferable skills such as communication and organisation rather than specific qualifications seem to be in demand at the moment which is a bonus for those wanting to work in a particular field who do not have the qualifications normally associated with that role. Making sure that these transferable skills are exemplified in your application form is essential to getting that promotion or new role. Networking with others in the same field can open up huge possibilities for future prospects with social media making this ever easier.

Learning whilst earning is a popular way to get ahead as it removes the financial limitations suffered by some candidates. Apprenticeship schemes are an ideal way of doing this and can often lead to an offer of employment at the end of the course.

Being flexible is an essential factor when looking for employment and as more and more people are finding that working from home has advantages, both financial and social, the ability to be able to work in this way and still be productive is much sought after by employers.

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