Benefits of Working as a Supply Teacher in Cambridge

Posted on July 19, 2013 at 2:27 pm

Supply Teaching Cambridge has become essential in education nowadays, covering for teachers who are ill and all types of short and long-term absence. Supply teaching Cambridge can also benefit fresh and new teachers as they start their careers.

The benefits of being a supply teacher

Of course, a trained teacher may not find that ideal position immediately after completing the course. And at some point in the future a person may feel that it is time for some break but one will still need to pay the bills. A person may fancy some flexible working hours or need a period of reduced responsibility and workload. If that is so, supply teaching could be an option. This can also give a person an opportunity to reflect on where he or she is in his or her career, especially if one doesn’t see the scope for the promotion he or she is after.

Recently, more teachers have chosen to work as professional supply teachers. The option can be seen as a ‘lifestyle choice’ for those people who are looking for more flexible ways of working. Mainly at secondary level, a supply teacher is very much in demand, especially in shortage subjects like science.

If you have decided to return to a permanent position, you will be able to offer a wide range of experiences and this can be attractive to prospective employers. Career Teachers are continuously looking for exceptional qualified teachers, teaching assistants, cover supervisors and nursery nurses to fill thousands of daily and short term positions.

Supply teachers are an important part of schools running effectively and also as a great way for the school administration to meet permanent members or potential long-term staff. Supply Teaching Cambridge with Career Teachers can offer great benefits such as;

  • Gaining experience in different schools
  • Opportunities of building links with individual schools in order to get regular work or secure long-term positions
  • Support with Continuous Professional Development with training courses
  • Interview and lesson planning support
  • Ability to of being flexible in incorporating other studies/ careers etc
  • Excellent tax benefits and rates of pay via umbrella payroll companies

A person’s style of teaching can become very insular if one stays in the same environment. Supply teaching provides a person with an opportunity to talk to other teachers, see how they plan, teach and assess, and open one’s eyes to other ways of doing things.

Finding supply work

If you want to work as a supply teacher locally, you can write to schools located in your area with a detailed CV informing them that you are available as a supply teacher.
Many local authorities normally have their own supply services which offer access to training opportunities and pensions.

Recruitment agencies can also be very useful, especially if you are willing to work in both secondary and primary schools. The agency will manage the teacher’s personnel matters, such as tax, salary payments and the employers’ National Insurance. Other agencies also offer access to holiday pay entitlement and teachers’ pension schemes.

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