Creating an Effective Cover Letter

Posted on October 31, 2013 at 4:55 pm

A cover letter can be just as important as the CV itself, it can give your potential employer a taste of your skills, interests and the passion you have for the role you’re applying for.

Some people can make the mistake of making a cover letter too long, and then other may make the mistake of making it too short so it’s important to find the right balance. If you’re struggling with your cover letters or not hearing back from many of the jobs you apply for, then we’re here to help.

There are several things a cover letter should achieve. First and foremost it should be grammatically correct. If you need a fresh pair of eyes get somebody else to proofread ait and make any amendments before you send it off.

A cover letter should outline your skills, show your passion and desire for the role, explain how you can progress the company, and express your goals for the future, only if it can be related to their business.

Remember, a CV is not the be all and end all, and if you want to gain more positive responses from your job applications and CV send-offs, then make sure you cover letter is just as bullet proof.

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