Building up your work experience profile

Posted on August 30, 2015 at 8:26 pm

If you are looking to venture in to a new career you may need to gain some experience in the field first. Many employers look for someone with the relevant qualifications but if will often favour a candidate if they have experience in the same or similar job role as what is being advertised.

For some people, leaving an employed job to take up voluntary work to gain experience is simply not an option but you could always look in to doing work at weekends or in the evening. Other people chose to dropdown to part time hours in their existing role to allow them the time to train for a new career.

If you have found a job that you believe you are highly qualified for but lack the experience, why not call up the employer and ask to come in for a chat. You may have to take a slight drop in salary until they are satisfied that you can do the job, but it is often a quicker way in to the role that you have wanted.

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What You Need To Be a Teacher Assistant

Posted on August 6, 2015 at 8:45 am

If you miss teaching jobs Lichfield, you can try your luck in teacher assistant jobs. Put simply, teacher assistants are under teachers and they work to reinforce the material that teachers have introduced to students. They give students the additional classes, attention and supervision that they may need during their studies. Basically, they carry out the following duties:


> They review all the material, step by step, that teachers have presented to the students. This helps the students understand the content better.

> They enforce the school as well as class rules and regulations to maintain the student’s good behaviour.

> Keep student records such as attendance and student performance.

> Help teachers in lesson preparation including assembling materials needed and setting up equipment.

> Supervise students when the teacher is not allowed including during field trips, between lessons and during recess among other periods.


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