Working and paying for childcare

Posted on March 8, 2017 at 2:47 pm

Many parents have to work to afford to pay the bills. Often both parents need to work in order to raise enough money to live on and if they have young children, this often means that they need to put them into childcare.

Childcare can be expensive with some nurseries charging between £40-£50 per day per child. If you have two children at nursery then you will be looking to pay £100 per day in a 5 day week total. £500 a week!

This is an enormous amount of money for anyone to pay and it often more than the average salary. When looking into work, you need to take this in to consideration. Many parents will try and find a job where they can work part time or finish early to cut down on the childcare costs. Also some parents are able to get help from the government for childcare in the form of tax credits. All parents are given 15 hours funded childcare when their child reaches the age of three and this is due to increase this September to 30 hours but for children under that age, you will need to be on a low income to get any help.



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