Finding jobs in your local area

Posted on July 31, 2018 at 1:26 pm

If you are looking for work and need a job that is local to you then you need to know the places in which to start searching for employment. Local jobs are often advertised in local newspapers and this is especially true if the business is in a rural area or only a small business. National companies will often advertise jobs on their website and through larger agencies. Agencies can help you find a job quickly as they have large databases of companies that are looking for employees. These may be permanent positions of temporary depending on which agency you use and what you are looking for.

Social media is also becoming a popular way to find employment. Many businesses will create ads on sites such as Facebook and Twitter to attract potential applicants. This is a free way for them to advertise their jobs and they can also find out a little bit about the applicant via their profile (if the settings allow) if they use social media to enquire about the position.

You could even pop in to local businesses to see what they may have available. Be sure to take in a CV that you can leave with them.

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