Are you looking for a temporary job?

Posted on November 2, 2021 at 7:19 pm

If you are looking for a temporary job or just need to find any work fast, then now may be the perfect time. During the run up to Christmas many retailers start to take on extra staff to cope with the increased number of customers that come through their doors. Often these placements become available around October time and may last until January. Some of these positions will only be temporary but often they can lead to a more permanent position.

If you are looking for a permanent position, then you may decide to take a temporary one to start with. This doesn’t mean you cannot continue to look for a permanent placement in the meantime. It is always worth asking if there may be the opportunity of a permanent placement in the near future as even if they do not have anything available immediately, they may be happy to put you on a list and contact you should something come up that they feel you may be suited to. This is why it is important to prove yourself and give it your all even in a temporary job as you never know where it may lead in the future.

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