The Photo on a CV Dilemma

Posted on February 26, 2014 at 10:13 pm

It may seem strange to some people but more people are now adding a photo on their CV, and it is an addition that should always be considered carefully. There’s nothing wrong with adding a photograph on a CV but you’re giving the employee the chance to judge you on your looks, and it may be better to make a first impression in person.

You may actually want to be judged on your looks, depending what type of position you’re going for, while it can make your CV standout and it gives the company a little bit more information about you. If you are going to use a photograph on your CV then make sure it’s a professional, clean and focused image. It should not be blurred with special effects, and it has to be as professional as the CV itself.

Adding an image to a CV is simple, and while it is possible to add different types of content you should always consider the impact of that content carefully, and photographs are definitely an important consideration.

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