Have you ever considered a career in publishing?

Posted on August 17, 2020 at 1:07 pm

With many of us finding our jobs not quite as secure as we had hoped of late, it may be the time to rethink your career and see if you may want to have a change.

Publishing is a very popular career choice at present. With digital publishing on the up, it is quickly moving with the times. Publishers have realised that in order to keep up with the current digital market, they needed to follow suit creating ebooks and apps ect as many readers are no opting for these sorts of books often over paperback and hardback. Devices such as the Kindle have made it very easy for people to carry a huge library of books around with them. Apps such as the Kindle app can also be downloaded on to many other mobile devices meaning most smart phones are capable of becoming an online library too.

If you are considering a career in publishing then there are certain skills that employers are looking out for. The ideal candidate will often need to have a good knowledge of digital literacy, an entrepreneurial mind-set, and an appreciation of changes across other media and throughout society.

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