Working in a call centre – is it for you?

Posted on March 27, 2015 at 1:17 am

Across the UK many companies have call centres that handle their outbound sales calls, incoming technical product queries and handle all aspects of customer service. These jobs are plentiful and can be great especially in terms of commission that you can make from the sales side of the calls. However working in a call centre can also be very challenging, particularly when faced with difficult customers who have called to complain or people being rude and unresponsive to sales calls.

If you want to work in telesales then you will need to have a thick skin and any good sales person will tell you it’s a numbers game, for every thirty no sales you will get one successful sale, and that is where your focus should be in order to maximise your commission.

Having confidence and a good telephone manner is essential for work in a call centre and it will greatly help if you can remain relaxed and conversation whilst following a call script.

Hard work but can be a great challenge and if your good at it can earn you a lot of commission.

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