Starting a new career after having children

Posted on January 30, 2020 at 2:33 pm

For many women returning to work after having children is a daunting prospect. It could be that their previous career is no longer suitable perhaps it involved working unsociable hours or required overseas travel whatever the reason, they may have to rethink their career path in the light of these issues.

Initially thought needs to be given to the type of employment that is suitable. If childcare is available this choice is broader but if not there are limitations regarding school drop off and pick up times. Many schools offer wrap round care to cater for people who start work before school time and finish later so it is worth finding out what is available locally.

Updating qualifications may be necessary to widen the range of jobs that can be applied for. This may involve undertaking a college course or even going to university. This can be an exciting prospect and shouldn’t be disregarded. Many universities welcome mature students on their courses and research has shown that returning candidates do very well academically. If attending a college or university is not possible, an open university course may be the answer as studying at home can fit more easily into family life.

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