Did you know potential employees may take into consideration what school or uni you attended?

Posted on April 15, 2020 at 3:17 pm

You may not have realised that unfortunately some employers, particularly in certain industries, do take in to account where the potential employee was schooled and I don’t mean the grades they received, the actually school they attended!

Children that attend private schools seem to have a better chance of getting in to certain industries such as media or finance sector. This could be seen as discrimination against those students whose parents could not afford a private education, but it is often very hard to prove that this is happening. You can have an extremely bright and capable student that has attended a state school, who may even be more intelligent than someone who’s attended a private school so surely it makes sense to give the job to the individual who show they have the best ability to do it well, not decided on which school they attended.

If you have attend a state school and find yourself up against people from a private school for a job interview, you may even want to mention that you are aware you didn’t go to a private school but are more than happy to prove you are capable.

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