Training as an optician

Posted on January 27, 2016 at 8:57 pm

Becoming an optician is no easy feat but can have many rewards and often is said to be an enjoyable and satisfying job. To become a dispensing optician in the UK you will need to follow the route below in order to obtain all the qualifications you need.

You must complete a three year course studying dispensing optics at a GOC-approved training institution. There are three different routes you can take to do this.

  • Complete a two year dispensing optics training course at a GOC approved centre and then completing a further one year salaried work in an opticians under the supervision of a qualified optician
  • A three year day release training course with a GOC approved training institution, combined with suitable employment
  • And lastly a three year distance learning course that is offered by a GOC-approved training institution, combined with suitable employment

It doesn’t matter which route you take, you will obtain the same qualification at the end of all of them.


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