Wanting to ask for a pay rise in your current job

Posted on April 2, 2014 at 4:10 pm

Many people think that to get a better wage then they have to move companies. Although this sometimes does happen, if you are otherwise happy with where you work you need not necessarily go down this route. If you feel that you are performing well and have a lot to offer a company there is no reason why you cannot approach you employer and ask for a pay rise. You may find that it is something the employer was already considering and has no hesitations about agreeing to, or they may want to ask you a few questions, like why do you feel you deserve a pay rise. Do not be intimidated by such questions as this is a perfect opportunity for you to explain how you are performing and what you think you have bought to the table.

For many employers, they would much rather pay someone that is currently working for them (providing they are doing a good job) than go through the hassle and expense of recruiting someone new.

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