Working in retail need not mean working in a supermarket

Posted on February 22, 2021 at 10:19 am

For some job seekers working in retail might seem uninteresting as usually it means either working for a clothes retailer either hanging up clothes or in a supermarket stacking shelves but there are retail jobs out there that are hugely different and that can be appealing to someone looking for a more customer facing role.

One such role which may appeal to job seekers is to work for the National Trust in one of its gift shops. In a position as a retail assistant for the National Trust you will be involved in displaying gifts, food, homeware and literature in an attractive manner and promoting the brand in a positive way feeling confident that the profits that you help to generate will be used in an environmentally friendly way and that you will be helping to preserve the natural and historic environment for the future.

The career prospects are reported to be good when working for this charity and it is always possible to change your role for an outdoor one if it is something that you desire. If you are ambitious then jobs as managers and retail buyers are generally available to apply for when the National Trust is recruiting.

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